We will help you get rid of pain and regain mobility.

Reset Physiotherapy is a place created by a team of highly qualified specialists who, through passion and knowledge supported by years of experience, strive every day to assist you in diagnosing and treating troublesome conditions. Our clinic offers professional diagnostic and therapeutic assistance to patients of all ages.

We help children, adolescents, and adults alleviate pain, improve mobility, and overcome the challenges of daily life.

We specialize in orthopedic and trauma rehabilitation. We enhance the mobility of patients with overuse problems, degenerative conditions, as well as those resulting from various injuries. Patient well-being is our highest priority, so we tailor all methods and techniques individually to each person, ensuring a swift return to full functionality and activity. We eliminate symptoms of the condition, as well as identify and remove its cause.

Why us

We offer comprehensive physiotherapy care right in the heart of Warsaw. Our main aim is to enhance our patients' quality of life. We're committed to swiftly and effectively treating a wide range of issues, restoring full functionality and boosting overall life satisfaction.

Our services cover various forms of rehabilitation, including orthopedic, sports-related, post-traumatic, dental, neurological, geriatric, urogynecological, and urological therapy for men. Additionally, we provide therapeutic massages, postural correction, and sensory therapy.

Situated downtown, we ensure convenient access to our clinic and complimentary parking for our patients – just give us a heads-up about your parking plans in advance.

  • One-on-one work - we focus 100% on you.

  • Holistic approach.

  • Specialized physiotherapists.

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Our team comprises experienced physiotherapists who continuously refine their skills through training and clinical practice. This allows us to provide our patients with top-quality care.



We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services, including orthopedic, sports, neurological, geriatric rehabilitation, and many more. Regardless of the type of ailment, you'll find comprehensive care tailored to your needs with us.



Thanks to our individual approach to each patient and the use of the latest therapeutic methods and techniques, we achieve fast and lasting results. Our goal is not only to alleviate symptoms but above all to identify and eliminate the source of the problem in order to restore full functionality and improve the quality of life of our patients.